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Our mission is to give you the confidence and knowledge to achieve your goals, and to lead you into a rewarding and enjoyable career in the airline industry.

If you are thinking of taking that step into a new career as cabin crew, let skypeople take the stress out of the process and help you take charge of your new life. Whatever stage you are at :


  •     You are just pondering what it is all about? 
  •     Have you decided it is the life for you, but don't know how to achieve it?
  •     Are you really fired-up and want the best possible chance of selection by the airlines?


Skypeople offer a range of courses to get you on the right path.  If you just want to call for a chat and some advice - don't hesitate to contact us here.

At skypeople we provide you with truly professional training, delivered by the most experienced and qualified instructors. Our training methods are designed to welcome you into this most exciting industry – training which is friendly, comprehensive and FUN. More importantly - what we really want to do is help you develop your whole self, and help you use your personality to become a valued member of a modern airline. At skypeople it’s all about you!


Our most popular course is the Cabin Crew Attestation.  We also have a range of short course and events for those still dipping their toe into the idea of becoming cabin crew:


*  Taster days

*  Interview preparation

*  Brush-up skills


At skypeople we pride ourselves in being real people.....nice people.....skypeople! 

Whatever stage you are at, please give us a call for advice/guidance.  We'd be delighted to help.

Contact us on +44 (0)1457 832397 or by clicking here

Giving Youconfidence and knowledge to achieve your goals
Giving You
Giving You
Giving You
Giving You
Giving You
Giving You
Giving You
Giving You

Cabin Crew Attestation of Initial Training


Skypeople is a UK CAA approved cabin crew training organisation.  The 'Cabin Crew Attestation of Initial Training' is a real qualification.  It has traditionally been provided by the airlines themselves, but is now available privately through skypeople. 


The qualification means you can apply for jobs knowing you are one step ahead of other applicants who don't have the Attestation. The qualification gives you the generic safety knowledge which is common to all cabin crew working on UK registered aircraft.  If you then go on to be successful in obtaining a cabin crew position with an airline, they will add to it with their own company specific practices and also conversion training to a particular aircraft type.


By arriving with your attestation already in place, you remove a huge amount of stress from airline induction and training process, and significantly improve your chances of passing the airlines own training elements.  It demonstrates your motivation, proves you can pass CAA regulated exams, and gives you a big head start over the other applicants.


Alternatively the course is also available to suit the EU registered airlines/aircraft, approved to EASA standards, in association with our sister company Flypeople Ltd of Malta.

"I cannot recommend the EASA Attestation course highly enough. Thank you to both trainers for getting me through this."
Helen Hadle