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Aviation and Cabin Crew Awareness Days for Students


Every year, over 150 different Colleges and Universities visit the state of the art facilities at the British Airways Global Learning Academy, to experience a course on Aviation and Cabin Crew specially designed for Colleges and Universities.

The course is managed, booked and delivered by Skypeople, and can now be tailored  to meet the requirements for your cohort of students.

The course reflects the ultimate Cabin Crew training partnership – encompassing the most impressive training facilities in the UK, together with the world renowned ‘people qualities’ of the Skypeople staff.

Skypeople are a uniquely qualified company. We are a UK CAA approved Cabin Crew Training Organisation who deliver Cabin Crew Attestation courses for British Airways and also provide support for BA Recurrent and Aircraft Conversion courses. Skypeople have always had strong links to the education sector, and are listed on the ROaTP, and are an approved EPAO for the Cabin Crew Apprenticeship.


The Main Course - Safety Equipment & Procedures (SEP) Awareness    

(5 hours) including the following:


  • Welcome Session with Instructors
  • Unplanned Emergency Practical
  • Safety Demonstration or Planned Emergency Practical (Choose the option you prefer or add Planned Emergencies as an optional extra)
  • Pilot Incapacitation
  • Principles of Survival
  • Slide Raft practical
  • Fire Ground & Smoke practicals
  • Slide Descent (using the A320 Slide)
  • Q&A Session - (our instructors have been crew)

Total cost for this £60 + VAT per delegate (minimum charge of £1,200 + VAT).
All students are issued with a Certificate of Attendance which can be presented at interviews and used in their portfolio of achievement.


Optional Extra Workshops – (1 hour each)

One or more of these can be added to your SEP Awareness Day:


  • Aeromedical CPR demonstration
  • Customer Service
  • Door operation including emergency mode
  • PA Announcements
  • Aviation Security
  • Liferaft and Sea Survival – Dry demonstration
  • Cabin Crew Job Application
  • Planned Emergency Practical

A maximum of 3 workshops can be added to your SEP Awareness Day at the following cost:
- 1 x workshop @  £10.00 + VAT per delegate
- 2 x workshops @ £17.00 + VAT per delegate
- 3 x workshops @ £23.00 + VAT per delegate


Optional Extra Workshops – (Half day each)

One of these can be added to your SEP Awareness Day and are as follows:


  • Aviation Medicine
  • Customer Service
  • Recruitment Overview
  • Wet Drill practical (at a local pool - students are issued with an industry accepted certificate as this is a compliance activity)


If added onto an SEP Awareness Day these are charged at an extra £25.00 +vat per delegate
Note - These modules are also available without an SEP Awareness Day at a price of  £40 + VAT per delegate (Minimum charge of £1,000 + VAT).

The 2 Day Package


  • The Main Course SEP Awareness plus…
  • Wet Drills at Swimming Pool  (this is a CAA certified course)
  • Half Day Recruitment Prep

The price of this is £110 plus vat per person (Minimum Charge £2200 plus vat).
We can also provide you with a range of hotel options starting from £36 per night per person for a twin room.

For bookings and enquires please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01457 832397

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"A brilliant week of attestation training, thank you. Highly recommend Skypeople"
Kelly Smith