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I have just finished my EASA Attestation at Heathrow. The whole process of joining and participating in the course has been a wonderful & smooth experience. The team at Skypeople are well organised and the course was fun. Six days flew by, I was sorry to say goodbye to them. Our instructors were Stephen & Jane, past Crew with lots of experience! The location of the course at Heathrow is beautifully peaceful, with a lakeside view on break times and lunch. You would never know you were so close to the airport.
Anne Marie O'Connor - May 2018

Simon is the best trainer I’ve met. It was so #lovely to know him. His knowledge and personality make him special to us and we’ll never forget our training and good times, thanks. Hope to see you again Simon, you are more than welcome to visit us in Turkey!
Duygu Yamur - May 2018

If you are thinking of taking this course..Do It! Vicki, my instructor is very knowledgeable and delivers the course material with such enthusiasm and ability. There is a lot of information to cover but be assured these fantastic instructors will get you through!  Having an Attestation is an advantage which got me hired. I did my first flight as Cabin Crew on May 11th and loved every minute of it! I highly recommend Skypeople for your attestation, it is worth the investment.
Helen Vickers - May 2018

Wow! What can I say? I’ve just finished my 6 day course at S=skypeople and I’ve successfully gained my Cabin Crew Attestation! I must the trainers are fantastic! Kate is amazing, and Lisa is incredible! � We also had the pleasure of meeting Collette and Kim, who are fab-u-lous! Their knowledge and experience is second to none! Thank-you skypeople team! You where amazing! 
Mikey Roberts - May 2018

Stephen is a fantastic trainer! He is very approachable, easy to talk to and fun. Stephen is highly knowledgeable and makes the lessons enjoyable which helped me learn more information at a quicker pace. I passed all the exams and got my Cabin Crew Attestation. Thank you Skypeople and most of all to Stephen. It was a great week!

Nicole Dowling - February 2018

Simon made the course an amazing experience for me! I learnt so much during the week that was easy for me to take in as Simon explained everything perfectly! 100% the best trainer and he made us feel welcome and made everyday fun! I will be sad to leave this week behind and I hope to see him in tbc #teamsimon
Brogan West - January 2018
I have learnt so much during my training and all my worries were eliminated after the first exam because Francine makes sure that she prepares you so well. She is an absolute star trainer. She makes the lessons, fun, enjoyable yet very informative. She genuinely shows interest in all her students and she also guides you in the right direction in a firm but caring way. Thank you Francine.
Melanie Julienne - January 2018
After undergoing my Cabin Crew Attestation this week i can honestly say it has been an absolute blast!  My Trainers Simon & Francine were fantastic ... not only did they explain everything in detail but they also made the course fun, exciting and enjoyable!  If anyone gets the chance to be trained by them then your very lucky! Highly recommend the course
Chloe Jo Pace - December 2017
A great 6 days made so enjoyable and fun as well as really informative - I've learnt so much! Who knew there was so much to take in!! Francine and Simon were both amazing trainers, always happy to help and were there to guide you if needed. A brilliant week of attestation training! Thank you!! Highly recommend Skypeople!!
Katy Smith - December 2017
I had so much fun! This was the best 6 day introduction to our new careers! All of the staff are really approachable and friendly! Cliff is the best trainer! Very approachable, supportive and patient! Thank you!
Kirstie Elizabeth Rowell - December 2017
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