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ColletteCollette started her flying career in 1982 and has flown as cabin crew for a number of airlines, charter, scheduled and VIP.

More importantly, over the last 20 years her cabin crew career has progressed into senior airline management roles for three major airlines. Her reputation is both outstanding and unique.

Her experience is vast. Of particular note, she has led many national recruitment campaigns, and been responsible for the training of tens of thousands of cabin crew. This means she has experience in designing recruitment processes from inception to national delivery receiving excellent feedback for the candidate experience.

In previous years, whilst at Thomson Airways, Collette was responsible for all Cabin Crew training and recruitment, this included being the post holder for all Cabin Crew safety training.

Collette truly believes that the key to good training is to make it is as interactive and fun as possible. Training should not simply be a matter of information transfer - it should be a memorable experience - building enthusiasm, developing teamwork and forming relationships.

Collette is contactable by email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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