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Skypeople continue to see a notable increase in the demand for safety courses for small airlines and in particular those operating in the VIP and CIP markets.

For those aircraft which are small enough to not require mandatory cabin crew, we would always say that if the operator does choose to provide an on-board operative, then it is imperative that the crew member does not perform any safety related duties unless they have been trained, and any passengers are briefed as such.

Small operators, with typically less than 19 seats are reporting mixed attitudes from the various national regulatory bodies around Europe in terms of the requirements of any on-board cabin staff.  Many are now playing it safe, removing the doubt, and enrolling their cabin staff on safety training courses.

Our Commercial Director, Shaun Waddingham added......'It seem smaller VIP charter operators are also recognising the commercial benefits of offering trained staff.  VIP clients and passengers quite often assume that on-board staff are safety trained, and small operators who can boast their staff as trained have a distinct advantage over their competitors".

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