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This course is designed for certified training instructors who are wanting to specialise with CRM as a subject. The course can also be bolted onto our Teaching and Learning course to cover both generic Teaching and Learning then CRM, which is six days training in total.


The course approach is open and honest, motivational, highly supportive to learner needs, encouraging mutual support and sharing experiences in a trusting respectful learning atmosphere.


Course Objectives

At the end of the course participants will be able to:


  • Recognise the principles and objectives of CRM training
  • Discuss EASA, CRM requirements for Operator FC and CC course content
  • Explain ‘CRM Culture’
  • Give Instruction on Human Performance Limitations (HPL)
  • Explain CRM skills, role model attributes and personal awareness
  • Practice different facilitation techniques for delivering effective CRM training of groups of people
  • Practice how to create a safe, supportive, engaging & motivating learning environment
  • Explore different methods of leading CRM subjects and identifying/addressing CRM issues
  • Observe and practice constructive debriefing techniques & reflect on your own delivery
  • Experience your own growth in confidence and credibility within CRM training


Cost per person

CRMT - (3 days) - £795

Teaching & Learning plus CRMT (6 days) - £1430





11th - 3 day Teaching & Learning - London

14th - 3 day CRMT - London

14th - 4 day EASA Attestation - London

20th - 6 day EASA Attestation - Malta





"I cannot recommend the EASA Attestation course highly enough. Thank you to both trainers for getting me through this."
Helen Hadle