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The 'Attestation of Initial Cabin Crew Training' is a safety training course which is recognised and approved by the Civil Aviation regulator in the territory of the registered aircraft.  Our group of companies offer two options - the courses are similar but choice of course depends on the country of registration of the aircraft in which you wish to work.


Cabin Crew working on UK registered aircraft must possess a UK Attestation qualification, supplied by a company approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority.  Skypeople are registered and approved by the UK CAA and offer this course at a number of venues.


All cabin crew working on European registered aircraft must possess an EASA Attestation qualification.  Skypeople are proud to offer the services of our sister company Flypeople Ltd based in Malta and approved by Transport Malta Civil Aviation Directorate.  EASA based Cabin Crew Attestation courses are run in Malta, UK, and other parts of the world regularly.  During the Covid pandemic the courses have been run partially online with attendance in person for only the practical sessions.


Course Overview

The course includes all the generic safety modules that are traditionally provided by the airlines own attestation, to the same professional standards as the airlines, but available to buy on an independent basis. It is valid for five years. On joining an airline, the holder of an attestation must then complete training to cover any airline specific procedures and also conversion to the specifics of their allocated aircraft type(s).


Course Objectives

  • Module 1 - Aviation regulation and passenger handling
  • Module 2 - Human factors and crew resource management
  • Module 3 - Safety and emergency procedures
  • Module 4 - Fire and smoke / survival training
  • Module 5 - Practical - survival recap / wet drills. Flight time limitations
  • Module 6 - Aero medical first aid - session 1
  • Module 7 - Aero medical first aid - session 2
  • Module 8 - Security and dangerous goods


Course duration - 4 day for experienced cabin crew, 6 days for those new to the role

Cost - €895

Location - Heathrow or Malta (other locations are available to airlines making group bookings). Online/Virtual also available during Covid lockdown.

"A brilliant week of attestation training, thank you. Highly recommend Skypeople"
Kelly Smith