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EASA Cabin Crew Attestation training:


6 day for new entrants - 25 to 28 Jan 2021 Virtual online + 1 to 2 Feb 2021 Practical training in London Heathrow


4 day for experienced crew only - 4 to 7 February 2021 in Bucharest

If you're looking to up-skill in 2021, have you considered becoming a trainer?  Why not talk to us about how our courses can help you take that next step in your career. Message This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The 'Attestation of Initial Cabin Crew Training' is a safety training course which is recognised and approved by the Civil Aviation regulator in the territory of the registered aircraft.  Our group of companies offer two options - the courses are similar but choice of course depends on the country of registration of the aircraft in which you wish to work.


Cabin Crew working on UK registered aircraft must possess a UK Attestation qualification, supplied by a company approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority.  Skypeople are registered and approved by the UK CAA and offer this course at a number of venues.


All cabin crew working on European registered aircraft must possess an EASA Attestation qualification.  Skypeople are proud to offer the services of our sister company Flypeople Ltd based in Malta and approved by Transport Malta Civil Aviation Directorate.  EASA based Cabin Crew Attestation courses are run in Malta, UK, and other parts of the world regularly.  During the Covid pandemic the courses have been run partially online with attendance in person for only the practical sessions.

Our course is written to EASA standard and accepted by airlines in the EU


Course Content

  • Minimum of 24 hours classroom time. As this course is learner lead, these hours can run over.
  • Maximum students – 6
  • Suitable for any student who is entering a classroom training role in any industry.

This course is designed for certified training instructors who are wanting to specialise with CRM as a subject. The course can also be bolted onto our Teaching and Learning course to cover both generic Teaching and Learning then CRM, which is six days training in total.

Our course is aimed at all those who are looking to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to deliver Aviation First Aid training for cabin crew and pilots.  The course covers the requirements of EASA Implementing rules, and current first aid protocols from the UK and European Resuscitation Councils.

Our course is aimed at suitably trained classroom training instructors who have completed General Security Awareness training (GSAT), and are wanting to specialise within aircrew security training as a subject.  The course has been designed not only to expand your knowledge of aviation security rules and regulations, but also to give you an understanding of where they come from, and why they are in place.  If you have never trained before, why not add our teaching and learning course, which covers all the generic skills you’ll need to become a training instructor.

Skypeople have regular Cabin Crew Attestation courses.   We welcome enquiries from current or ex-crew who do not currently hold a UK or EASA attestation and would like to get updated.

Aimed at flight crew and cabin crew who require wet drill training to be compliant with EASA part CC and AMC1 ORO.FC.220c2 (vii). The course covers the requirements of EASA Implementing Rules.

"I cannot recommend the EASA Attestation course highly enough. Thank you to both trainers for getting me through this."
Helen Hadle